The castle Castillo de Santa Bárbara

Burg Santa BárbaraOn the 166 meters high mountain Benacantil above the city is one of the greatest castle plants of Europe. The meaning of this castle becomes evident from the archaeological finds; traces from the Bronze Age, traces of the Iberer and from the Moors. On their knowledge about the strategic situation of the mountain the building of the castle in 9. Century is founded. It is divided into three different parts. The highest and at the same time oldest part of the castle,Revellín del Bon Repós with the name La Torreta, following one today no longer recognizable donjon and was the location of the moors Alcazar. The between the 11. - 13. Century builded intermediate part named Baluarte de los Ingleses, the bulwark of the englishmen, with the engineer park, the Sala Noble, which was used formerly also as hospital, the house of the governor and the weapon yard and the third and youngest part from the 18. Century, the Revellin del bon Repos, the external part of the castle.

Burg Santa BárbaraAt the castle one can admire changing art exhibitions with pictures and sculptures of considerable artists, has a fascinating sight over Alicante and the surrounding countryside and there is a variation of typical plants from this area.

There are different possibilities to reach the castle. One is the elevator, which is put inside the mountain Benacantil and which is reached after a tunnel, which is 200 m long, from the Avenida de Jovellanos, on the opposite of the Postiguet beach. For use of the elevator one must pay a fare of 2,40 Euros at an automat, which only accepts coins. In addition a road goes directly on the backside of the mountain up to a free parking lot underneath the castle.


Some impressions from the castle

 Burg Santa Bárbara Alicante

 Baluarte de los Ingleses

 Baluarte de los Ingleses

 Eingang La Torreta

 Hof La Torreta Teilansicht

 Mauer La Torreta Teilansicht

 Türmchen Großaufnahme

 Alte Kanone

 Burg Alicante


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