Our little private "Zoo"


Our dogs


Foto: Schnauzermix MoggelMoggel

She is the result of a mot wanted mixing between a Schnauzermix and a Yougoslav sheepherd-dog, our Sally, who sadly not comes with us to Spain because she died shortly before from a serious heart disease. Moggel was onr of 11 puppies and after we had the work with their grown up, we decided one of them belongs to us. Now Moggel is about 12 years old, the legs do not want as in former times, the ears do not work so good and she has developped a form of "I do what I want"-Mentality, for example if we want to go on a ride, she desides wether she wants or not come with us and we think that this is okay after a life of well-behave.


Foto: Jack-Russel-Mix CanelaCanela

A little dog, my mother in law found on the street 6 month before we came to Spain with our animals. First we were anxious about her behavier against the other animals but it works fine. Because Cani, as a Jack Russel-Mix, not is much greater than our cats, they see her as one of them, playing and sleeping with her. What she likes much are tennis balls and she can spent the whole day with playing with one. It is a little bit disturbing realising after one wake up, that one had sleeped the whole night on a ball. Cani herself thinks that she is the princess in the house and it is not so nice if you want to lay in your bed and there is a dog growling on you but we work on that...

Our cats

Foto: Cat MikeschMikesch

The oldest of our cats, borne in Germany and the teacher for our other cats, who brought them their first mouses and played with them.Now he calmed down a little bit and likes more being alone in a quiet place.



Foto: Cat Kleopatra


The second cat we took from Germany to Spain. The most time of the day one never see her, because she is somewhere in the neighbourhood, but if I im working in the garden she is there at once and she likes much making traces in fresh concrete. She gave birth to four cats a half year before we come to Spain and two of them are the next in this list.

Foto: Cat Garfield


A son of Kleopatra, which, typically cat, has a very independent life. During the day one meets him mostly on the cat tree in our room or in the wash basin of our bath. At night he is on the way somewhere around the house and comes back again in the morning.


Foto: Cat Tapsie


The second child of Kleo, which we bring along to Spain. She is very shy and is there mostly only to the meals. If she feels good, she comes in the evening for fondeling, when we lie in bed. Otherwise she spends her most time in our cellar, because it is beautifully cool there and she is disturbed there by nobody.

Foto: Cat Rubio


What is one to make, when two ladies stand in front of the door in the evening with a small red pet in the hand and say that they found it in a water pit? And what is one to make, if he has a Grandpa, who sees the pet, takes it into the hand, says:"This belongs to me!" and disappears into his room with it? Thus Rubi came to us into the house. It is a quiet cat, which nothing can disturb, only to bee said, a Spaniard, with his "Mañana" mentality, do I not come today, I come omorrow.But if it goes for the meal he is mostly the first standing here.

Foto: Cat Isis


Normaly we should take her only in care for some days, because her owner had at large personal problems at this time. After she had buyed the cat, without thinking much, in a petshop and noticed then, that she has too little time for a cat, we agreed looking for her and now she remains also with us. She was very shy and agressiv at the beginning, then, with much patience, she developed herself to a fondeler.

Foto: Cat Chico


We got this tom-cat from a neighbour, who had a new generation from his two cats regularly twice in the year and he wants not to spay them. Fortunately now he solves this problem with tablets. Chico is a nice, calm cat, one, as in the photo, is lying during the day the most time on the sofa.

Foto: Cat Diabolo


Our little devil, all day long busy to look for victims for playing. He likes mostly Chico or Isis or, if those are not here, sometimes one of us, too. Fondeling is also very important for him and his nights he normally spends by sleeping on one of us. The rest of the day he is searching for something to cause trouble or searches something to eat. If one is cooking, he is first, that run between one's legs and on our property he already killed much sparrows and some swallows.

Our other animals

That are:

Foto: Gustav Gans

Gustavo, the goose, breeded from our chickens. It was rather funny to see how this chickens tried to go over the egg, which was a little large for them and as the time had come for leaving the egg I helped the goose a little bit out of the egg shell. This also is a reason therefor that my wife and I are against the efforts to put Gustav into the pan.




Our chickens, which are producing day for day fresh breakfast eggs.

Two doves, which are a hobby for Christinas grandpa.

Koko, the parrot. If you do not look after him, he will be very angry, what he shows in the form of intolerable shouting, particularly, if one is eating and he does not get his part of it.


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