How the story started...

Our history begins in Karlsruhe, a city in Baden-Wuerttemberg with approximately 300,000 inhabitants. We are a German married couple at the end/in the middle of 30 and were both fully working in Germany, before we decided to emigrate to Spain .After my education as businessman I lead the enterprise of the husband of my mother (that is another story) since the year 2004. The bad economic situation in Germany ensured then the fact that we despite all rescue attempts with our company and had to close it.
Here my wife comes into the play. Practical she is a little bit multi-cultural. That is, her father was an, on the escape from the Sudetenland, in Austria born German and her mother is born in Spain and after the death of her man she went back from Germany to Spain, to care of her parents. Her dream was always to get the whole family under one roof. Which I did not say so far yet: my wife has still two younger brothers.
So what should we do better than clean up our pieces of broken glass in Germany and make in Spain a new beginning. After we lived in Germany with the sales of our not used house items on flea-markets we get a used car in Ebay and by the exchange of our neighbour, who had taken the leasing contract of our company truck and gave us his old beer truck, we were ready for the removal. Our household, so far we wanted to carry it with us moved into the truck. Thanks to our friends, above all Uwe and Family, who thereby helped us very much. We, i.e. my wife, I, our dog, our five cats and a parrot wanted to use the car. After we found two drivers for the beer truck, Franz, the brother of my wife, and Uwe, our helper, we could start planning the removal...

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